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Scratching problem

So, I used to have pretty bad eczema when I was a kid. I also had a scratching habit that I grew out of 10 years ago. I'm now 19. Last winter, I started scratching behind my knees (like I did in 3rd grade), and on the tops of my feet. Nowhere else. It got so bad that I was beginning to draw blood, and then I would realize I was scratching. My feet have mostly healed since then, but the backs of my knees still look terrible. I've been keeping them moisturized, and wear long pants to prevent myself from scratching, but my jeans have recently been rubbing against the backs of my knees. The area is now red-brown, as if it's just about to finish healing and return to my natural skin color, but it hasn't gotten better in the past two months. This is taking a lot longer than it did when I was 9 years old, when I had the same problem.

I guess my real question is, how can I make this rash heal faster and prevent permanent scars? Why is it taking so long to heal? Should I wear a skirt and put lotion and bandages around the area instead?
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I forgot to mention, my father has keloids, and I really don't want a huge keloid to form on my legs, so I want to resolve this quickly... I've tried using raw honey, which is known for its antiseptic qualities, drinking a mix of apple cider vinegar and honey and water, and applying A&D cream every few hours.
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Ezcema slows your healing ability. Stay away from cortisone, steriods are immunsupressant.

An ezcema lotion with Aloe works best for me. Tea tree oil is a good mild numbing treatment to deter scratching.  You can use a scar cream with silicone  to speed the fading.

Best wishes. I also clip my nails everyday so scratching causes less damage if it happens.
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