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Should I be worried about these moles/growths around my anus?

I have three moles/growths around my anus that I'm pretty sure have been there since I was a teenager and before I was sexually active. Two look pretty normal but the third is pale, fleshy, and may have gotten bigger over the years. My gynos have never said anything about them but I recently just had an abnormal pap so I'm worried about what they are. Will post a picture.
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Alright, I clearly don't know what I'm doing. CAn't upload the pic. But the one I'm concerned about is soft and squishy, about the size of a pencil eraser and looks kind of like a brain.
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Please don't post photos of your anus on the internet - bad idea.  

Well, my first thought is that they could be genital warts.  There are some links to pictures here: https://www.medicinenet.com/genital_warts_in_women/article.htm#what_are_genital_warts_hpv_infection_who_gets_them

However, if you have had them since before you were sexually active, and you're sure about that, they could be abnormal moles, or regular warts.  The description of it looking "kind of like a brain" does describe a typical wart.  If it is raised (like a pencil eraser) rather than quite flat, that points toward warts as well.  You should definitely have them examined in-person by your doctor.
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