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Skin Condition since 2012 - Folliculitis ????

I have have this condition shortly after sleeping with a girl ( don’t know for sure if she gave it to me) where small red bumps appeared my abdomen area in 2012 they took about 10 days to heal and some left marks ... then after a year they moved to my legs and butt then after 5 years of appearing in that area on and off ( and on my armpits) they are not appearing on top of my chest and shoulders and face .... what is this ? I have been to two different dermatologist and they both told me it was folliculitis and gave me an antiseptic to use after I shower but this does not work at preventing it .... is there anything I can do to stop this ? It’s so annoying and some of them leave marks that take years to go away and some grow big ( seems like depending on area they grow?m) ... is there an antibiotic or medicine I can take to kill this ? Also I had a girlfriend who started getting same thing after sleeping with me coincidence or what ???? Please help  
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