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Skin changes

Lately my skin has been undergoing many changes. About 2 months ago, I started noticing that my facial skin was not as firm and tight, then as the weeks went by my skin slowly got worse with lines around my eyes and mouth. I'm only 22 yrs old so I don't think that I should be aging this fast. There is a significant difference from how my skin was before this sudden and dramatic change.

The best way that I can explain the overall change is that is looks as though   the facial fat under my skin drooped down so now my cheeks appear larger instead of firm and high. My forehead is slimmer and has crease lines at top near my edges. My jaw line has changed. My chin appears smaller since my cheeks and jaw appears larger. Also, my eyelids are sagging along with everything else.

Medical background: I have anemia (low hemoglobin), but have not been told of type. I've also been diagnosed with asthma before. I had my thyroid checked and it is normal. Has anyone heard of anything like this?
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Is the anemia being managed ? It is important to know the type of the anemia as this may be contributory to some changes in physical appearance. The anemia may be due to the nutrient deficiency like iron or vitamin B12 . I suggest that you have this assessed by a hematologist or an internist.

Have you been under a lot of stress lately?

Do you sleep well and eat well?

Do you drink a lot of water everyday?
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In response to the stress question: Yes, I was under very high stress with final exams when the skin changes actually started. Then when finals were over I got stressed out and depressed about my skin. I'm a very pretty girl so I freaked out.

In response to the sleep and water question: No, I was not getting enough sleep or water at the time, but I've pulled "all-nighters" before without any skin changes. I do believe this was contributory to the skin changes since it was in conjunction with the high stress. Lately, I've been getting adequate sleep and fluids.

My doctor suggested that I take iron supplements (twice a day, even thoough the recommended dosage was once/day), and I've been taking them with vitamin c juice for about 1 month 1/2.

I didn't really notice any improvements in my skin (it was getting worse) when taking the iron supplements so I researched other causes of anemia. I read up about how copper deficiency can inhibit the body's proper iron absorption. I also read that large amounts of vitamin c depletes copper. So I paused on the iron and vitamin c.

I've been cooking a lot of beef liver ever since I found out that I had anemia (1 month 1/2 ago). And 5 days ago I began eating cornmeal & cashews(since they have copper) while taking the iron supplements only once/day and each day I've noticed that my skin has become a little more firm. It's absolutely amazing. Today my skin is at it's best since the changes began about 3 months ago.

Although things are improving, I'd hate to have another relapse with these skin issues. I'd like to know exactly what nutrient I'm deficient in. I really think it's copper though.

My skin has always been a little weird even before these greater changes. My skin would be super firm at times, then it becomes slightly less firm, which is not noticeable to others but I always notice it. This has been on and off ever since I moved away for college, which is a more humid environment compared to home which is hotter and not humid.

Thank you very much Vanessa for responding and I have an appoint to see my doctor next week to find out the nutrient I'm deficient in. Hopefully everything goes well !
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Hi! I have the exact same problem as you had, i have had it for i guess 6 months now, getting worse by the day. My skin has changed really much. Lately i have gotten big pores on my cheeks and the cheeks are almost folding over. A couple of months after the drooping my pores got bigger. I know i had a strong iron deficiency a while back. I couldn't sleep because my legs tingled if i forgot to take an iron tablet.

I am really interested to hear your progress with iron and copper?

Is your skin ok now?

Im really grateful for your reply. I really am in a state of panic here!!!! I'm normally a pretty girl but lately my skin looks like i'm nearing 35.
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