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Skin re-growth on Penis Glans

Several months ago I suffered from a burn on the glans. It produced not what I would call a scar but a very slightly depressed area where the skin is a bit lighter in color. I am very much hoping I can try to stimulate that area to re-grow the skin tissue so it can meet the level of the surrounding skin. Is there any way I can do that? Are there any products safe for that area which could stimulate the collagen enough so the skin could thicken and become raised just a bit?

Emphasis here is on safety. Thanks very much for any suggestions.
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I'd try something like "Bio oil"  A lot of women swear by it for stretch marks after giving birth, and I have used it with good results on my fingers (very old woodworking injury) playing bass guitar.  Very safe and effective IMHO of course!
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Thank you for the response. I have read several things about bio-oil being a good lubricant, but it doesn't help w/scars.
I have read so many things about how certain essential oils have ingredients that are small enough to penetrate into the skin and getting into the bloodstream, thus stimulating collagen. Wouldn't this help to rejuvenate and build new skin,  thus raising the sunken scar?
You'd think so - worked on my fingers, I'm sure it would work on your penis
What sort of injury did you have on your fingers? Was it a burn scar and was the scar sunken at all(atropic)? Sometimes I think I notice changes and other days I think I am fooling myself. I have been applying the essential old blend for 5 months. I should see some improvement by now.
I play bass guitar, and I injured the tips of my right hand middle and ring fingers in a woodworking machine 45 years ago. of course, this injury interfered with how I play, so to ease the injury and help regain a good callous on the end of my finger, I was using bio oil for a few years, but since that is unneeded now (since it seemed to have worked well) I have to maintain my finger tips now with a nail file to remove excess flesh that will peel off and re-injure the finger tip.   I think it may take years to heal your penis, since the flesh there is very thin and sensitive, but keep at it - it will eventually heal properly.  The human body is a incredibly complex thing, and your penis may never heal to your satisfaction, but have faith, it will improve over many years of continuous attention to it's needs :)
Sorry to hear about your injury but I am glad that it eventually healed. So why do you think the penis skin will eventually heal? My dermatologist said there is nothing he can do and he's a very reputable Dr. I am about to give up hope as I have applied these essential oils for 5 months and really see no progress. I just don't know what to do as I feel this has ruined my life. What other kind of continuous attention can I provide? I am just so frustrated. It's all I think about!!!
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