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Small bumps with pus on fingers

I have these small bumps on my ring finger that are filled with pus.  There is no distinct coloring to them.  It kind of just blends in wih my skin color.  The bumps go through phases of being extremely itchy to not itchy at all.  When it isn't itchy, the skin in that area is very dry and begins to crack a little.  At first, I didn't worry about it much because it wasn't affecting me regularly.  However, over the past several weeks, it looks like the bumps are spreading to other fingers on both of my hands.  Do you know what this could be?  Is there any treatment that I can get for it?
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ya i have lil small bump on the side on my pinky and in some occasions it become very sore. when i actually get tired of my pinky being sore i buss it and its not pus its clear stuff..im 17 an have no idea of what it is. it seems to always come when the summer comes around I HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT IT IS BUT CAN YOU HELP LIL OL ME OUT.. THANKS

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Same thing for me , did you ever seek any advice ?
Hi! Good day. I have dyshidrotic Eczema and it got worsen to the point i need to seek medical attention because my hands got alot of pus and very itchy.  My doctor cringe when she saw it and give me a list of foods to avoid and things not to do for my hand to recover.  She gave me 9 prescriptions, 5 containers of oral medicines and 4 products for my hands. It costs me around 80$ including the check up.  It saddened me because i had to limit myself from what i regularly do.  A piece of advice,take a good care of your eczema, keep it moisturized with mild fragrance free lotions, if it's  itchy don't ever put hot compress instead use a cold one. Don't wait for it to get infected and get pus. Be responsible enough.  I hope this help
God Bless :)
Ps: im still on medication
I have the same thing, but I think I got it  a little earlier in the stages. All my doctor prescribed to me was a tube of Triamcinolone Acetonide, which is a steroid that helps with dyshidrotic Eczema, and he told me to use various hand lotions.
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I have little pimples that show up on my fingers and as days go by the get bigger and bigger full of white puss and after I pop it with say small hole and drain it if fills back up and get red like I have and infection
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Thank you for this information. Unfortunately from looking at the pictures around Eczema, it does not really look like the bumps that I have on my finger.  There is typically no redness around the bumps.

About a year ago, I was diagnosed through an anonymous testing service with HSV-1.  From doing a lot of research and seeing pictures, I'm scared that the bumps are from the possibility of having herpes whitlow.  I've tried finding more information out about it, but there seems to be more concentration on HSV-1 & -2 than herpes whitlow.  Would you have any good site references for more information?  If I do have it, could I give it to someone just by touching them?

I would truly appreciate your thoughts on this.
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i feel u rip my hands https://gyazo.com/19edd4954fe703be265caafc77f6c398
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This could be an eczema , the lesions of which may be getting secondarily infected.  A common type of hand eczema, called dyshidrotic eczema which occurs only on palms, soles, and sides of fingers and toes. Tiny opaque bumps called vesicles, thickening, and cracks are accompanied by itching.

This itching  gets worse at night and in warm weather. The pus filled lesions could be due to staphylococcus aureus, which is responsible for most skin infections.
Eczema, basically, is a form of dermatitis, or inflammation of the upper layers of the skin.

It is a result of genetic predisposition as well as environmental factors. The diagnosis is usually made on examination but may also involve a skin biopsy, which is a procedure that removes a small piece of the affected skin and sent for microscopic examination in a pathology laboratory.

There is no known cure for eczema, there will be perods of remission and flare-ups. You can use a weak steroid (e.g. hydrocortisone or desonide), to start with to reduce the inflammation.
When the lesions clear up , skin in the affected areas should always be kept moisturized as dryness aggravates the condition. For the pustules, you can apply an anti-bacterial like Bactroban ointment.

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