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Small discolouration on aerola.

For the last 8 months I have a small discolouration on my right areola. It’s Is only 4mm. Does not spread. Sometimes my breasts are itchy. I have a history of pitiriasis alba and atopic dermatitis on my neck and abdomen in the past that it went away on its own after 2 years roughly.
I did some tests and I’m low in vitamin d, ferritin and iron.
The patch on my Areola is pinkish/white.its more like pale with a tiny whiter centre.
GP said it’s pitiriasis alba but I’m not sure if u can develop Pityriasis Alba on the Areola?
It’s the only discoloured patch I have on my body.
I’m 36 yo and if I can recall right it most likely appeared after using chlorohexidine Gluconate as body cleanser and massaging my body almost everyday with peeling gloves.
What do u think? Could that be vitiligo or any other ideas??

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