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Small painful bumps on hands/fingers

A couple of years ago I started developing these small painful bumps on my fingers/palm under the thick part of the skin.  I might have 1-3 at a time - typically in different places/hands. After a few weeks they go away and aren't necessarily visible unless pressing the skin around them (skin goes white). They aren't surface blisters and feel more like a splinter.  But for example, I felt one starting last night and when I woke up I had four (one further along and three smaller) all within an inch of each other on one finger under the pad between my first and second finger joints. They aren't hot or swollen, and just hurt when there is contact.  There is relief if I puncture or work to the surface (small amount of fluid comes out then blood... but I typically assume that is more any time you puncture yourself) (I know can be cause of infection so I clean/cover if open wound). Over time (2-3 weeks) they either go away or if they became close to the surface the skin dries around them, peels, and then returns to normal. I have a regular dermatologist but can't get in to see him on the fly, and I typically don't have them when I get my semi-annual follow up visits.  To have suddenly developed these in my early 40s and for them to come and go unexpectedly - just seems odd to me.  Have seen photos of pompholyx but definitely doesn't appear to be anything as extreme as that.  Any suggestions or ideas of what this might be?  Thank you!
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How long have you had this?  Is there a way you can get into a different doctor to be seen?  For now, I'd try logging the things you eat, changes in lotions, laundry detergents, soaps, cleaners- see if you can establish a pattern of using something or eating something and the bumps appearing.  I would say it's worth a trip to the doctor too- just to investigate!
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