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So does this mean that we should spray tan instead?

Never in my life have I ever had these circular white spots on my skin. I have two spots located to the right of my abdomin and below my left nipple. I went and got a skin fungus cream from one of the local drug stores and since I applied the treatment, I have not noticed a change in the size, and they have yet to go away. I could be dilusional, but it looks as if these two white spots are getting whiter. I did not start having these spots until I started tanning. I have been tanning anywhere from 3 to 5 times weekly for the past two months. I have received excellent results from the level 1 tanning bed, however with a dark tan has come these white spots on my stomach that are the size of rain drops. I am not kidding, they look like rain drops splatter, and there are just two of them. It is not attractive at all. To say the very least, I am terrified of tanning now. When I first started tanning, I started to notice  a darker coloration in pigment below my eyes, on my check, lips, and nose, and I thought that I was getting freckles from tanning, but I asked the owner of the salon and he assured me to use Selsun Blue, because he said the darker smaller spots are a fungus that come about from the ulttraviolet rays from the tanning salon or extreme exposure to sun. I ignored him, and I have not really noticed any more of a problem, however now I have these white spots. Anyway, after reading these helpful reviews, I am wondering if tanning under uv rays is even an option anymore... :( :(

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It might be vitiligo. Michael Jackson had it.
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I went to the derm two weeks ago (I amstarting to look ike a leopard). It is a fungus that we can get form a tanning bed THAT DOES NOT CLEAN their beds properly! I first got a script for this mousse stuff to put on my skin but it got worse and I am covered with white spots.....the leopard look! I justed started on a steriod medicine for 7 days. I hope this fixes it!!!! Tanning bed places clearly need more strict rules on sanitation!!!!
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