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Spider Bite

Hi all.... I am posting on here because I am pretty confused with my situation. at the end of January I am and my husband went to Home Depot and buy a sink and a new faucet and installed at that night ... The next morning I woke up with a strange well on my leg that turned into a blister ... I don't remember getting a blister from anywhere specific so I just brushed it off. two days later the blister popped and became cratered an all-star like with yellowish skin and black process... The wound is about the size of a quarter. I live in East Central Minnesota where the spider is non-native... I was told by two doctors that it was a brown recluse bite... The dermatologist was not sure what it was but said to keep it bandaged. The week after I had flulike symptoms of diarrhea nausea vomiting... sense the store I have had muscle aches and pains joint pain and I feel like I have had the flu all of February. they also have two blood clots in my pelvis (deep main thrombosis) since the beginning of February... I found out about the blood clots after the spider bite. I went to the mail Rochester and seen hematology, OB/GYN, infectious disease. and dermatology where they did extensive blood tests and a biopsy of the wound... they tested for Pyroderma Gangreosoum but said I was fine, my r Red blood clount was high but CBC was normal and inflammation was fine... they did a ton of other tests that I am not sure of but nothing came back irregular... however the blood clots is kind of a mystery. I do have cysts on my ovaries so they put me on birth control which they immediately stopped when they find a blood clot so on my ultrasound... I was only on the birth control for a few weeks before they stop me on it.. also I socially smoked but have been done for a couple weeks now and for good because the scare of these clots is not worth the risk. all they can do for the deepening thrombosis is treat it was a blood thinner and hope that the clots reabsorb on their own... I am on Coumadin.. and in the process of regulating my INR... my question lies with the suspicion Dustbuster and how awful I have been feeling sense... it is very coincidental the correlation for the flu like symptoms and blister have been very high. I have been even more ****** than normal,  feel terribly achy and in pain like I have the flu this month. can a spider bite cause that's long symptoms? could this be the blood clots or Coumadin affecting me this hard? I have never had a spider bite like this and feel very lost I am 32 and I do not feel worth it cried it is really affecting my life... not even the male clinic had answers for me
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http://www.wddty.com/scientists-discover-a-new-lyme-disease-from-tick-bites.html ....this could be important
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