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Spider veins

I had 4 laser treatments done to my spider veins in my legs about 5 years ago and they seemed to improve some.  They now have come back.  Is this typical?  Is it okay to have the treatment again?  Is there something else out there that will work better and last longer?
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There has been great advancement in medical lasers over the years. Today, lasers are safely used for a wide variety of cosmetic non-invasive treatments. This treatment is extremely safe and effective on leg veins, as well as veins visible on the face, neck, and chest.

It is a non-invasive treatment which is becoming increasingly popular because there are very few side effects.Pain is generally mild. Swelling and mild bruising can occur, but most always resolve over time. Limiting sun exposure will greatly minimize the risk of complications.

Spider Veins are very small veins caused by a dilation of the small venules under the skin. This occurs when the pressure inside the vein increases enough to overcome normal resistance of the vein wall. The ability of veins to resist increased pressure is reduced in women when the body's estrogen level is reduced.
So they can recur with a different set of venules.

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HI, I read your query about the treatment of facial thread veins. i wondered if you would let me know which treatment you went for and if it was successful.  also there is a new treatment called veinwave which might be more suitable to you situation. if you look up veinwave you will find out all about it. hope this helps and hope to hear from you about whchever laser treatment you went for as there is so many it is very confusing and costly to have the wrong one done on you.
best wishes
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hi, i want to do something about the facial thread veins i have but i am baffled as there are so many lasers out there claiming to get red of them.. could you tell me which laser has worked for you and which laser you are going to try this time. also have you heard of veinwave treatment which is new and getting very good results apparantly (just type in veinwave ). maybe this would be better for you. any advice you could give me would be so much appreciated as i cant even face going out the door because of my red veiny face.
i hope to hear from you
kind regards
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