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Spotty bottom: Folliculitis, Keratosis Pilaris or Acne? (image included)

Image here: http://i65.tinypic.com/2nuhdds.jpg

I am at the end of my tether with this spotty bum! I'll get right to the details. I'm not sure what condition it is that causes these spots, and so I am not sure how to treat them. I have tried many treatment regimes but none leading to no spots. I sit a lot, most of the time, with my butt on an chair. I wear underwear made of cotton and elastane.

My current treatment is this:
Body wash containing tea tree and salicylic acid followed by a salicylic acid spray on my spotty area every 2nd night.

Other things I have tried:
-dry body brushing (sometimes still do this)
-AHA scrub followed by AHA moisturiser specifically for body spottiness
-tea tree body wash followed by a tea tree spray every night (I guess this may have made more spots appear LESS, but I can't be sure!)
-soap free body wash (dermaveen)
-coconut oil

I think there is more but these are the main regimes, each used for a month or more at a time. I have been doing my salicylic regimes for about a month now and there has been no change at all. I went to the beach a week ago and got new, larger spots a couple of days later, possibly from aloe gel getting on the area.

Any clues as to what this could be and how I should treat it!? I seem to get ingrown hairs all over my legs and they are constantly bumpy with skin coloured bumps, never smooth, not even straight after I wax. The hairs a very weak and break easily. I wax my legs only not my bum cheeks, I dont touch that with any kind of hair removal. The spots seem to appear closer in to my butt crack rather than over my whole bum, though they can sometimes appear further out, just not in clusters. They are not sore or itchy, just red and always there, some appear older and flat and perhaps a purple like tone.

Thank you for any help!
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