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Sticky cold penis and scrotum

For the past 2 years I have been having this problem with my penis and scrotum , It started with what appeared to be joch itch , red raw skin between legs and on scrotum and a part of my penis shaft which I cleared up with cream only this patch on scrotum and penis shaft has stayed and seems resistant .It is sticky to the touch even after a shower its straight back to sticky and red irritated looking. My penis and scrotum gets very cold like ice cold and the area affected stings . It is effecting my sex life and general happiness to the point of desperation for answers.My face also breaks out on a red rash like broken veins that have faded in the morning, gets bad at night. Been to a handful of doctors and sex clinics but not much help here is a list of things I have tested / tried .

jock itch creams / powders
anti fungal cream / fluconazole oral for 2 weeks
showering twice per day
steroid creams
had my prostate checked 2 times [ finger up the butt ]
psa blood test 2 times came out 1.0 normal
diagnosed with prostititus [ not convinced on this ]
had 2 full std panels done was clear of everything
ran different antibiotics for months
tried candida supplements and clean diet

things I have researched based on symptoms  

Prostititus / CPPS
Candida overgrowth yeast
joch itch [ mine doesn't itch just a tingling feeling, mild burning.
Nerve damage or entrapment [ sitting seems to make genitals go ice cold ]

I am waiting for an mri scan that's my last hope that they notice something or I don't know where to turn next . Anyone can point me in the right direction be much appreciated .

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the mri will be normal .i will be surprised if it shows anything .with the itching i would have thought fungal also the  face as well but since you  have the cold feeling and tingling nerve damage.im going to go with bacteria .if you use a steroid cream on your scrotum and around your groin are and it were fungal it would (flower).meaning it would explode becoming much worse and the skin would grow out ward blooming as a flower would.try the steroid cream again and put on to coat  the entire scrotum for a week steady .if it blooms then you can make your derm stop lying to you like i did .she still tried to tell me there was nothing wrong but i had gone to my gp already and gotten diagnosed with tinea cruris.i had a prescription in my pocket.so she couldnt lie to me again .i set her up and it felt good.          little did i know she was lying about the staph infection on my skin hence the folliculitis.wich brings me back to your situation .now if it dosent flower we know it is not fungal.nerve damage says to me bacteria or viral .(viruses)not much you can do about that.except work on your immune system.             these things are all tied together so dont discount any of this info .this is how a patient should be treated as a whole you cant just treat parts of the problem you need to treat the whole thing.when infections occur they cause imbalances in the gut and vitamin deficiancies.there is a test that will tell you how much or how little lactobacillus you have also your bifido and ecoli.these three beneficial bacteria are crucial.they are your immune system .your gut is 70 %of your immune system.         you need to eat fiber it feeds your good bacteria(veggies).also probiotics you are inserting more beneficial bacteria into your gut to raise deficient levels this will boost your immune system due to the fact it may be barely working at all from this .there is a ratio test wich shows how strong your immune system is this is another indicator.         i hope you like long stories because this will take a while .no one can just look at one thing and say nope no prblem in a 5 min. office visit.traditinal medicine looks at situations with blinders on they can only see there sector of the problem not the whole of it.this is why you are not getting help.
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leaving this in parts i dont know if there is alimit on text.ok now back to the problem i tried for 4 years to get a dr to do the testing i needed they only wanted to perform certain tests due to a guess that they took instead of listening to me the patient .then they wrote me off and did no more because they didnt find it .so if you want to shorcut the b.s.you can send samples of every fluid in your body sputum  ,sinus swabs ,stool and urine,i even swabbed my eye ,and found it was staph getting into my eye.after drs had told me that i had an ulcer on my cornea but probably not from infection.so you should realize many of these infections start in one area of the body and migrate to others .also the more eveidence you obtain the more likely it is to get treat ment.the way i shorcutted this problem was i sent my samples to phage international. they tested everything and it was actually very reasonable in price for all of the testing i had.i came up with staph auerus .in every part of my body high growth in certain parts but it shows the story of how my staph infection dissemminated from my throat to my body i also had ecoli and staph in my urine wich is causing the vasculitis or circulation problems .cold feeling in my scrotum .i am a caucasion male and my scrotum is turning purple and black then changes back from day to day depending on how bad the infection rages .      i cant tell you exactly what your infection is but i can tell you it is real my prostate is swelling also.i know what you are going through .    sorry  i have to run but i will be on later if you are interested i can explain the rest just message me i accept them all then i will come to this page and give you more info have to go to my drs to work out a plan for treatment
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It was over a year ago I used the steroid cream and it was only a few days. Back then the flair up was major [ not sure if it was the cream come to think of it ] I will try again to use the steroid cream and see if it flowers up. Recently I found this site http://candidaspecialists.com/can-men-get-yeast-infections/ and the symptoms for candida overgrowth match mine . I haven't had a winks sleep in nearly 2 years , its broken sleep through the night maybe averaging 3-5 hours tops. When the cold sticky skin symptoms appear on my penis/scrotom and flair up the rash on my face on both sides of forehead and under eyes flairs up and the erection problems low libido are at there worst. that's when I notice I'm having problems passing urine it stops and starts then flows and burns slightly . Then there are better days when the urine flows normal no burn , faded face rash and better erections. I still am not certain all my problems are linked although I'm guessing they are. I have looked into  Pudendal neuralgia lately also and nerve entrapment .. I am coming across lots of other forums and seeing tons of guys with these symptoms and there is never a true answer ,there are guys had this crap for over 30 years ! seen countless specialists and told to live with it etc or its all in your head ... there has to be more tests can be done . I mentioned to my dr candida and he burst out laughing and said no that's only people who have a sever weakened immune system. didn't even attempt to check .. My daily care atm consists of plenty of exercise at the gym then showered and put on some lightly medicated talc powder drying the area . then at night I apply bepanthen nappy ointment until I figure out my next move . Thanks for the reply mate , any more info I'm all ears .
talk to chris at phage international you need to send your samples to their lab .this is exactly what happened to me .these people here are more helpful than all the drs in the united states put together.they will actually tell you what is in your body for bacteria .soumds as though you have tinea cruris.that would be a fungal infection on the testicles.one sure way to tell put a steroid cream on it if it is bacterial it will go away if it is fungal it will flower .meaning explode. but regardless to wether or not there may be a viral aspect wich i have found in my case .it ends up being irrelevant to treating this .bcause a dr will never acknowledge that they cause problems in the body .but they do and there are no cures for them.so what i am doing is focusing on building the immune system and treating all bacteria left in my body.
for whatever reason i dont know why its very hard to get a positive for anything any more .its like they raised the bar as to what constitutes an infection but the great thing about phage international is you get a comprehensive result sheet that identifies every bacteria that exists in your body i had alot of staph auerus it was everywhere some places more than others .they will tell you if there is heavy growth or 10ml or 100ml.they will let you know and they will treat it for you they have phages and you can take them together with antibiotics.

you need to talk to chris he will explain it to you after 4 yrs like this i finally decide to stop trying to save money and to try and save my life.i wish i had found phage international sooner .im tired of the burning in my forearms they told me it was fibromyalgia they gave me lyrica .it shuts of the pain receptors in the nerves but the destruction continues until the nerves burnout that is not a good plan because that destruction was also being done to my eyes ears heart liver and so on .do yourself a favor catch it now and you can stop it
my son has this crap now .it was getting so bad it was taking me 20 mins to urinate.
     but back to the subject.they founda staph aerus in my sinuses heavy growth also ecoli .staph auerus in my eyes heavy growth.strep pneumonia in the lungs.ecoli and staph in my urine.my son was identical except he has pseudomonas in his throat and sinuses .i had gotten diagnosed with it 2 years ago under my microscope and 8 months ago by a dr.so i knew i had all of this stuff but they refused to do the sputum culture or the swab and when they did half te time they did the collection samples wrong.
           i spent 30,000 dollars because of these idiots.now they wont even help my son with it  .it cost me 300 to ship samples . shipping might be less for you it sounds to me like you might be closer.and testing is very inexpensive in comparison.cost me 700 for 10 tests they even tested my dog he has candida so we have to try to alleviate that issue first then we will check again for bacteria .drs will give you one test at a time every three months .send your samples here all at once within a week you get your answers.then treatment in about a months time they should have you squared away.
also there are some things you can do to help yourself  such as mushrooms eat any and all mushrooms you can get your hands on at the grocery.there is a product called host defense .look it up it has a blend of mushroom powders including chaga .if you can get your hands on some chaga that would be even better that stuff is super potent.
    collostrum it has antibodies it isthe stuff that comes from the cow before the milk flows.kefir milk there are kefir clubs on facebook where people share thier grains for free .all over the world.ozone therapy you can do much of it right at home im doing it all

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vitamin d3 5000iuwill help you sleep also melatonin.you need magnesium to process d3 in the body and zinc but no more than 40 mg total so check your multi you already have 14-16.selenium just these vitamins alone will make you feel as though a veil has been lifted and a big part of the fog has cleared.
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sugar is the root of all evil eliminate all sugar use completely .bacteria ,viruses ,fungus and candida all love sugar they thrive with it .these few things will change your life .
i have more info basically certain foods to boost immunity .you can research it yourself .but with this program you will begin to feel well .you need to get your immune system running again.there is test to tell you the strength of your immune system it is called a ratio test cd4 to cd8 ratio.your ratioshould be 2-1 0r better if below that is not so good but if below 1.50 -1that is really not a good thing .
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if you have any questions i can explain in detail.no problem.just ask.
Where do I start buddy noticed purple sack and cold balls week ago,just went to doctor and going for blood work for prostatis and prostate cancer just in case in few days
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ciclopirox olamine cream if you have a fungal infection on the scrotum .you have to get this from a dermatologist.this is strong stuff it works.
i cant believe how your symptoms are so idnetical to mine and so many others can drs be that stupid after seeing 1000s of us over periods of 100s of years that they still cant figure it out or are they just looking the other way.
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they say this is unique and uncommon but why do so many of us have it seems pretty common to me.you can check my posts on medhelp for the past 3 -4 years
have you had your gut health checked ?it is common for gut health to be destroyed by certain infections.there is a test that will tell you your levels of lactobacillus ,bifido and ecoli levels .you need ecoli in your gut for the other 2 to be able to flourish.this is 70 % of your immune system.if you are experinceing gut issues try mutaflor it is the only thing that will give you the beneficial ecoli .
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update . I went back up to the gum clinic and seen a new doctor he took blood to test for inflammation in my body and a urine sample for uti test . There was no uti infection and waiting on the blood test . He told me he knows a group that speicalizes in cpps for people that had cancer or operations around that area but they don't normally treat people for cpps alone . he phoned me back and they have agreed to treat me as a one off which I thought was very decent of him to do for me . he phoned about my MRI and they said the waiting list is 8+ months ! so I may forget about that for the time being as going private he said would be expensive and a good chance it wont even find anything . I am still convinced this is some fungal viral or bacterial infection in my prostate or else its nerve damage / entrapment around that area . I asked for a prostate squeeze and for the fluid to be collected on a slide and tested but he says they don't do that anymore and MRI has replaced it now which I'm not convinced by that I think he just didn't want to do it . I went back to my regular doctor aswell and he put me on amiltripiline for nerve trouble and baclafin muscle relaxer . I'm not liking the sounds of it as the side effects sound terrible and can cause erection problems ! after me saying I am having problems with that . GPS just throw meds at you it seems they are incompetent and trying to get reverals is like getting blood from a stone . I call my doctors office the cuts and bruises clinic cause that's all there bloody good for . the gum clinic doctor also swabbed inside my penis and around the head and the sticky part on the shaft for fungus but ive already had that done and showed nothing . I have noticed this last few weeks my stool has been very loose and mushy when its normally solid I'm not sure if its diet or something else . I have spent a fair bit of money on supplements also I'm on multi vit , extra vit C 1000mg , Vit d3 10,000ug , fish oil , garlic oil , vit b 12 high potency I even bought some injections of b12 , kelp for iodine and a blend of pro biotics with 5 strains . gingko biloba and L argine for blood flow . I have found the best thing helps is diazepam 5mg and ibrofen so maybe there is some inflammation there . penis is still very cold especially sitting down or after urinating I'm using a rice sock a few times a day to heat the area . Jackojohnson I read over some of your posts man I'm sorry you going through all that it sounds horrible the hearing and vison loss . I haven't experienced that but all other symtoms sound similar . I am hoping more people add to this I am currently ruling things out bit by bit I will keep updating
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jockojohnson I read a story on daily mail about a girl has a lot of symtoms including hearing loss and some others that we have talked about she got messed around by doctors telling her she is depressed and its in your head ... the classic answers we all have heard over and over . Well she actually had lyme disease CHRONIC where symptoms exist without confirmed lyme disease infection . apparently the condition is controversial as many experts do not agree that it exists . she is now forced to wear nappies , has neurological problems , dizziness tingling in feet , bladder problems , burning pain and memory loss , hearing loss . life is almost impossible . its unimaginably frustrating she said as experts say its in your head u are depressed . antibiotics has not worked and she is fundraising 10,000 pounds for intravenous treatment which is meant to be successful .Other symptoms suggest upset digestive system , disturbances of the central nervous system and poor sleep pattern . Sometimes there is a bullseye rash but other times no rash is present . She lost her job and relationship over it . Treatment is aimed at bacterial elimination . There is several lab tests can confirm it . I might be jumping the gun here but these problems and lack of support / diagnostics has me considering every possible cause of problems
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Wow. You are describing exactly what I have. I have spent thousands and thousands on meds, supplements, out of pocket specialists. My penis and testicles get extremely cold, I also have tons of other symptoms. I have recently been diagnosed with candida krusei. I also had lyme disease in the past. And I ALSO have CIRS (mold toxicity). I recommend you read up on CIRS. You get it from living or working in buildings with mold (sometimes hidden mold) i never knew how bad living in a house with mold was. I was literally sleeping less than 10 ft away from a square foot chunk of toxic black mold.

There are a few good facebook pages and groups. Im seeing a specialist 1state away, she ran special bloodwork that normal doctors dont do.

I was going to doctors for about 10 yrs and all they would say is: you’re fine, its all in your head, your blood work is normal, ect.

This new doctor is out of pocket but I am finally finding out alot of info and my bloodwork matches with those of a CIRS infected person.
I believe its one big cycle. My immune system was already compromised due to CIRS, which led to poor gut health, which also leads me to candida.

Other symptoms I have
- fatigue, low libido, hormone levels are out of whack, bone pain, back pain(feels like organs though), elevated liver enzymes, floating stools (they started off soft too) then constantly been floating, ringing in ears, arthritis, poor memory, trouble focusing, bloating, bad sugar and carb cravings.

Good luck! I will post back if i find any more info or cures.
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After reading several of these post, I decided to try the vitamin D3. 3 chewable tabs and about 15 minutes later I could already feel a major difference. Itchiness started to go away, wet, cold sticky feeling started to subside real fast, and random hard-ons are more frequent. Penis didn't feel/ look lifeless, returned to a nice full meaty softy. Only itch I have left is underneath the back side of my sack which I believe is just left over from me scratching the **** out of the area when it was itching nonstop
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