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Sticky/waxy skin and hair


I’m at breaking point due to sticky/waxy skin and hair. Worse when wet, hands stick to everything. Skin has a friction to it that makes washing/shaving etc very difficult.

It’s gradually got worse, nothing absorbs into my skin now as it has a waxy film on it, I also burn up with it as I no longer sweat.

Medications I take are fluoxetine and Diazepam, I have tried everything I can think, changing soaps/shampoo/washing powder etc.

Seen my GP and Dermatologist and they are clueless, someone please help?

Thank you.
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Is it all over your body? Just on your hands?

Did your doctors say that you have waxy skin and hair, or that they didn't notice it?

There are some conditions that can cause waxy skin - hypothyrodism, diabetes, for a couple of examples - but the locations of the waxy skin is usually limited to the hands or shins.

Not sweating is something you need to address.


Fluoxetine typically causes more sweating, as can diazepam, rather than reduce it.

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Thanks for the reply, it’s mainly hands, feet and scalp/hair but other parts stick, like feet also.

Doctors dismissed it as ‘everyone gets sticky’, it’s beyond that though, it waxy and the skin almost goes numb to the touch, razor causes friction on skin as do towels etc, I just have to pay my skin.

Where it’s worse I also seem to get burning skin and things like moisturiser, face wash don’t absorb , just bead on my skin. I’m stuck.
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Do you get any answers about this?  I hope you have found relief.  I have this condition on my hands and shins (very shiny like plastic!). I have tested positive for Covid-19 and closely following that, this condition started.  So strange...  but I expect it to go away.  I can’t help but think the virus has effected something internal that is causing this.  My hair was weird for a few weeks but seems better now.
Hey, I would suggest doing the Aperiomics Xplore-Patho test. Please post your results here.
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I have the same thing. I live in a warmer climate, and the overheating is awful. I don’t even know if my sunscreen absorbs in to my skin. I’ve had multiple blood tests done, but everything comes back normal. I barely leave the house anymore. I don’t even talk to people anymore because what is the point?
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I have the same issue! I honestly don’t know if be always had it or if it started within the last four or five years. It’s ruined my life! That’s for flippin sure HOWEVER!! I did read today about Rope Worm, it’s a parasite, look it up!!!! Then look up mimosa piduca seeds...I heard that gets rid of it!!! Also, a separate Lemon and separate eucalyptus enema. I just read about all of this, so I haven’t tried any of it but you better believe first thing tomorrow morning I’m going to sprout to get me some mimosa piduca seeds!!stay in touch I know how lonely this gets!
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Did you have any luck?
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