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Strange symptoms on RH: tan splotches, recurring bruise, mole on wrist fell off?

I've had some strange symptoms but only really on my right hand: a recurring little bruise on the back of my hand which comes and goes within days and has been doing that for months. Some weird tan splotches on my fingers one day, my palm the next, and gone again.  I wish I could post a picture of it.  It looked like self tanner splotches on my fingers and then across the palm. A nearby little mole on the right wrist fell off earlier this year (suddenly, no blood) and grew back over the months after but the dermatologist thought it was a keratosis.  I do get frequent little bruises on my thighs.  I do have some propensity for high ana/rnp but nothing diagnosed.  No illness, no pharmaceuticals.  I'm mystified at what could cause these things, especially the tan splotches.
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Are you thinking it's something other then keratosis?  Do the spots and splotches ever itch or hurt?  Have you tried another doctor for another opinion?
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Hi! The splotches and bruises have never hurt or itched (neither did the mole). I don't have the issue current so it doesn't seem worthwhile to see a doctor but I'm really curious what could cause tan splotches on my hand for just a couple days (no sun exposure)
Sometimes your skin can just get spots on it- sometimes it can be hormonal or a reaction to something around you.  It's hard to say for sure, but if it occurs regularly and you are worried about it, might be worth going in to ask a doctor.  They can run any needed tests to see what the cause is.  An in person exam is always best since it allows for the doctor to gather more information on your medical history.  
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