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Subcutaneous bleeding spots on the skin

There are many non-protruding, needle-point-sized subcutaneous bleeding spots on the skin, which will not change color when squeezed, and more and more. All four tests of blood transfusion were normal. What are these subcutaneous bleeding points? Thank you
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Rope worm? I just learned about it...I heard mimosa pudica seed capsules works
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Where are they on your body? They might be keratosis pilaris.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/keratosis-pilaris/symptoms-causes/syc-20351149  These are harmless bumps that can be white, red or skin colored.  They happen with a build up of keratin in skin. Check with your doctor but exfoliating can help and then they make creams that can prevent it.  
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These subcutaneous bleeding spots are scattered all over the limbs and are asymmetrical. Some are the size of a needle tip, and some are as big as a hemorrhoid, but I am not sure if the bleeding spots of different sizes are the same substance. After it appears, it will not disappear. And yesterday I found one on my forehead. Thank you
You can see the pic of subcutaneous bleeding spots in my profile. Please check the photos and help me diagnose. Thanks you so much !
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