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Sudden rash, no itch

Around two days ago I developed a rash that spread throughout my central abdomen area. The rash was characterized by small red bumps along with larger, dispersed bumps resembling mite/flea bites. Currently, I have noticed the same bumps spreading throughout my limbs. I do have a pet at home, though he does not have any fleas. Also, one key difference is that the bumps do not itch, as opposed to bites I’ve had in the past.

Link: https://ibb.co/7GJsPCR
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They almost look like pimples. Do they hurt? Have any formed a head?

Obviously, pimples wouldn't suddenly start appearing all over your body, so I think you should you should let a doctor check this out, especially if it's still spreading.

If cost/insurance is an issue (if you're in the US), call your local health department and ask what options they have for you, based on your income and insurance status. To find your local health department, google your county and state health department.

If you aren't able to get to a health department clinic soon, is there an urgent care near you? Often you can work out a payment plan, and get a self-pay discount.

Let us know what happens. I'm really curious what this is.
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