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Surfaced blood vessel or blood blister that persists on hand

I have a blood blister on the pinky-palm callus of my right hand. I have had this for months. Anytime it breaks open it bleeds persistently for hours. I do lift several days a week without gloves, so I imagine that's how it started. I cannot get it to go away. It will recede and slowly seem to be covered by the callus, but eventually it will resurface and burst.

I'm a typical stubborn man and I've tried to fix it myself by digging it out with a small knife or needle, freezing it off with dry ice (when I thought it may be a wart), and I've tried to cauterize the wound with a battery-operated tool meant for burning off moles. When I have dug into it it feels to be a few mm deep.

I've gone to a NP at work when it was bleeding and explained it to her. She seemed to think it was a re-directed blood vessel from my years of lifting and pinching the area. She said most likely it isn't healing because it isn't able to properly heal from the bottom out. She said it would need to be packed to heal properly.

Any suggestions? Its such a silly thing to go to the doctor for, and while I have great insurance I don't currently have a PCP so the whole process will take forever unless I go directly to ER where I bet they will simply bandage it and move on.
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Wowza, you tried digging it out with a knife and freezing it with dry ice??  Youch!  I would try not to do those things for fear of making it worse!

You saw a np who had a great suggestion.  I guess if trying to let it heal by wrapping it/bandaging it before lifting and whatnot hasn't worked, you can try what she says.  If you have great insurance, you have two options . . .  just find a doctor.  It shouldn't take too long to get in as many practices accept new patients.  It's not like you are waiting for a physical appointment that they only have a couple of slots for a day . . . this is a routine acute care appointment that they will have openings for.  So, ask around and grab yourself a doctor close by.  OR . . .   urgent care.  This is in between a doctor and an ER.  The urgent care by me can act as a primary care set up.  My son took a big spill and ripped his knee open.  He needed several stitches.  We went to urgent care where they accepted our insurance for care.  We had three visits that all went under the same copay (the first one when we initially got his stitches). They can do just about anything and I would imagine this packing you need could be done there.  So, look into that as an easy option.  

You are a work out king though to keep at it even with this wound!  I'm a wimp!
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