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Tear in my butt crack. How do I fix this? Can I prevent it? What causes it?

Okay so every now and then when I wipe my butt crack or shower and dry my butt crack I get this red irritated tear and it will bleed and be really sweaty and oily and does not smell good no matter how many times I shower right after it will get like this. It’s not a cyst or bump but a tear like a split in between the cheeks this is the first time it’s bleeding. Helpppp. Please and thank you.
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It sounds like it may have started as just an irritation or dryness. However, if it smells at times and is now bleeding. Whatever it started out as may now be infected. You should go get it checked.

My husband let a condition under his armpits go and he said that he regrets it now. The pain he went through was horrible.

Good luck.
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Okay thank you! I’m going to go to the doctor.
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