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Thick cement like patches on scalp

Hey, so I have thick patches on my scalp. They don’t itch and don’t flake. It started as boggy spots on my crown at least five years ago. I thought nothing of it and they seemed to go away. I was a hairstylist for 25 years but when I had to close business beginning of COVID this started. ( no connection to COVID just time reference) I have a bald patch on crown which doesn’t seem to grow back. My entire scalp is now covered in thick white hardened skin. I can’t get it off and I’ve tried everything . I’ve been to two drs and a
Specialist . They basically told me I’m crazy and referred me to mental health. I can feel where it’s going next because that are is tender like a sunburn and hair is so brittle like my follicles are being choked out. I can’t go back to work because it would kill me talking about hair all day while I can’t go anywhere without scarf or hat. One thing I forgot to mention is I haven’t colored hair since I closed business. This started up when I stopped coloring hair. I can’t find anything anywhere that sounds like this. Does anyone have any thoughts? Please and thank you
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It’s a fungal invasion. It may also be in your digestive tract. The hard stuff is like super glue. It’s a biofilm. Possibly having more than one pathogen within the biofilm.
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You said you went to two doctors and a specialist. Have you gone to a dermatologist? If you have a hard, cement-like patch on your head, unless you actually refused to show it to the doctor, it's hard to understand why someone hasn't been able to give you a diagnosis.
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