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Unknown skin rash

Hi, I'm an 18 year old male with no other skin issues other than angular cheilitis, which I got have not had for about a year. About 4 to 4 and a half months ago, my girlfriend noticed a strange red rash on my cheeks. I had just eaten a bowl of weird cereal that I usually don't eat, so we though it was a allergic reaction and went to sleep. In the morning the rash had greatly deceased in size so I figured we were right, and it would pass on its own. I was wrong, over the course of the months it dispersed and affected a larger area of my upper left cheek, but the rest has not changed a noticeable amount. The rash itself is unchanging in texture. It has not peeled/scaled , oozed anything, is not painful, not itchy,doesn't feel dry, is not oily or shiny and is not bumpy. Within the last month I've become increasing worried because I noticed its progression, so I tried common rash ointments such as Hydrocortisone 1% and Benadryl with no affect. So I went to the derm about 2 weeks ago and she said it was not Rosasea and diagnosed me with a fungal infection that inflamed the pours of my face (the exact name I'm unsure of) a similar condition to Seborrheic dermatitis; I was immediately skeptical because there is no scalp involvement and the skins texture doesn't match the descriptions of this condition. She gave me oral 400mg Fluconazole (an anti-fungal) pill to take once,1 week apart, some Sodium Sulfacetamide 10% face wash & lotion and Ketoconazole shampoo. About 5 days into me using the treatments the areas still had no change and one of the products seem to be irritating my face further, so I called my derm & discontinued the use of the topical products. I took the last pills of Fluconozole a few days ago and still nothing has changed; I have another appointment scheduled for later next week. I've always been very self conscious and this problem is really bothering me and making me avoid social situations. The images don't give full justification, but the problem area is mainly my upper left cheek & lower left cheek, and on my right cheek it runs just above my jawline from my side burn area to about the mid cheek area also there is a couple small dots if it on my upper right cheek.
If anyone has any idea on what this is, advice, or had any similar experiences please share!!
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I think this might be it. When I wake up in the mornings, the areas are not fully inflamed, but throughout the day, it returns. The link you sent said the mites retreat back into the follicles at night.
going to derm later today.
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Do consult your doc.

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