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Water makes my skin peel off

I've had this problem for several years now, where exposing my hands to water makes my skin peel in certain places. It is only on my finger tips. I've seen doctors about it, and they always suggest that it is probably harsh soaps or shampoo ingredients. The picture I attached though is after only being in the bath, no soap. This is a fairly mild day.

I've tried about every lotion/cream/vaseline on the market, and while they might soften the skin a bit, they never fix it. When it dries, it becomes very tough and flakes/peels; occasionally it will bleed if the rest of my hands are dry. Sometimes I will use a steroid ointment that a doctor prescribed, but it only helps a little and certainly doesn't prevent it. The longer I avoid water, the better it seems to be. Keeping your hands out of water is pretty impractical, though.

Wondering if anyone has seen this before, or if you know of any good ways to treat.
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Thank you for the reply. No, I do not do anything that is especially physically abrasive with my fingertips. After this picture, for example, I had done nothing but simply soak in a bathtub. The peeling also occurs after simply washing my hands, in which I take care to only let the soap touch my hands rather than scrub them together.

I've tried about every lotion I can come up, and used them religiously. Lotions and other creams simply do not help.
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Well, are you doing something with your finger tips (that is not impacting your other skin areas)?  Eg. scrubbing shampoo into your hair, or something else?

My first thought is to try applying plain skincare lotion just after bath or shower for a few weeks.
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