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Weird result after mole removing

I have used a mole remover cream I got online and apparently I put it on for too long. It has scabbed, but after the scab fell off,  it wasn't a pink hue like with regular wounds, but rather red/brown and it doesn't seem to heal at all. It is so for at least a few weeks.
Will it heal eventually on its own? Can I do something about it?

Thank you
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You should never attempt to remove a mole at home.  Was it black salve? If so, it's quite dangerous to use and is thus banned in many countries.  You need to see a doctor to evaluate the wound.
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Thanks for replying. If seeing a doctor was something I can consider, I would have went instead of asking here.
It is not black salve.
Do you think that if it hasn't healed till now it will never heal by its own?
It is not possible for anyone to determine, with any certainty, how or when it will heal.  The best thing you can do is to keep it clean and dry (pat, don't rub).   If it is a deep wound, it will just take more time to heal.  Most wounds eventually heal, but may leave scar tissue in place.
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