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What are these red spots on my lips?


its been 2 months, I am having these red spots on my lips every other day, most of the time they heal within 1-3 days and than come back the next day, they are painless and unnoticeable but sometime they do burn but very mild burning, they mostly appear after eating anything spicy or hot drink but not all the time.  I have been to doctor twice first time he told me these are just chapped lips because lot of dry skin, finally the dry skin healed after a month by using vaseline and than I started to see clearly these red spots. second time doctor gave the anti bacterial/anti fungal medicine for angular chellitis, because i told him its started after I had a UNPROTECTED ORAL SEX with a girl while on a vaction , I am taking these antibacterial and anti fungal medicine  from last 2 days, so far it does not like working.

These spots appear anywhere on the surface of lower lip where it meets with upper lip and angles of my mouth and sometime I see them with a dead skin on the outer edges of the red spot or soar, I have not seen any serum in them or any kind of bumps or blisters on my lips.......

so whats these red spots on my lips are? are they bacterial, fungal, viral or any kind of skin condition
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If what the doctor gave you isn't working- go back and let them know.  It's very important that you communicate with the doctor that gave you the prescription that it just isn't working.  They will be the best source for next steps on what you can do to deal with the issue.
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Just wanted to check in and see how you were doing?  Were you able to contact the doctor and let them know that it wasn't helping?  
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I just stopped using the anti-bacterial tablets, antiseptic mouthwash and anti -fungal topical cream given to me by the doctor after using it for 2 days, it has made things even worst, before red spots were not painfull and I never used to feel until I notice them or eat spicy food or touch them with my tongue, now they hurt all day. But the doctor told me if these will not work he will give me anti-viral medicine.....I have no sores no my lips, I think so, cause did not see one, just the very hard to see red spots, they are almost my lip skin color and they do hurt now .... and slightly swelled corners both inside and outside of lower lip......,

all this happened just 2 days  after returning from my 16 day long vacation (involved unprotected oral sex, drinking liquor instead of water and eating and sharing drinks with so many people ) from +25 degree celsius to -15 degree celcius., I had severely chapped lips before i observed these red spots , my lips took 1.5 months to heal after using vaseline for straight  7 days, nothing else worked even the blistex with cold soar healing ingredients ..........I will follow up with doctor on monday....
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