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What are these welts from?

Could a professional or anyone tell me for sure what these itchy nightime bumps are from?      https://ibb.co/JsPVcQp

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You have morgellons disease welcome to hell on earth! I’ve been diagnosed by a Charles e Holman doctor. You need to stop eating sugar - way more complicated than that I’ve gotten most of my life back by following Richard kuhns diet I got book on Amazon but you can find for free.. good luck! It gets better if you changed everything lol. Get tested for Lyme & Borrelia b & bartonella by a Lyme literate doctor go on the ILADS website also have them check you for cytomegalovirus, candida, and Syphilis. Or just do the diet I did both way cheaper
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Have you tried visiting a Morgellons health care provider?
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yup, i can.
Valley Fever, or coccidioides immitis
i have it too.  worst ever disease.
next question?
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not a professional btw, just a person interested in helping others become aware of this.
notice in your pic, there is a hair growing out of both marks.  one has a white hair, which is probably not a hair, but a fungal creature.  the tiny dots on each bump are holes the creatures comes out of.  i say creature, because i cannot name them.  put a strong piece of sticky tape on the bump, press hard to pull anything on to the tape, then zoom in and see what is there.
Close but not fungal morgellons disease is not a fungal infection :)
i believe they are one in the same.  morgellons was named back in 1674, yet it is not on any list in our zoological nomenclature system, and is not recognized as a disease for this reason.  coccidioides immitis has been classified as a fungus.  my belief that they are the same disease is based upon my symptoms and the things coming out of my body; all are identical to morgellons disease samples.  i do not know if morgellons is a fungus, or not, because there are tests to prove otherwise.  coccidioides immitis has a test that can be taken.  the symptoms are identical for the two diseases.

how do you know morgellons is not a fungus?
sorry, there are no tests for morgellons is what i meant to say.
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