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What can I do to help enlarged pores?

I have tried a million and one different topical treatments over the last 10+ years to heal my skin from its enlarged pores and bumpiness/unevenness/redness due to acne for most of my life. The acne is mostly controlled now but my skin looks horrendous all the time.

Since topical treatments don't work on me, what other options could I still have? Do dermatologists have treatments that actually work to fix my skin or are there natural products or diet changes that may work on me?

Please help - I am desperate. I just want to go one day in my life without wearing make up to cover it up.
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Hi there.  Sorry you have large pores.  I think these can be hereditary.  We are kind of stuck with them but we CAN do things to work on it and make them less noticeable.  This article has some ideas. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/320775 A big trend today in products is water based.  These are good choices for larger pored people . Good hygiene washing face both morning and night is helpful. Do you exfoliate?  I have a product i love that I keep in the shower and use every few days for this.  I used to think some sun made it all better . . . wrong.  wear sunscreen. Sun exposure just makes it worse.  There are other things in the article to try as well.  

If you choose to go to a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon, you can try chemical peels or resurfacing.  Both seem to have a history of good results.  I have no idea how it works but light therapy is something else i have heard of.  Remember though, it all costs money.  Usually out of pocket.  
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