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So within the last three weeks, my partner and I have been bitten by an insect. After seeking medical attention, I was advised from a doctor that they were spider bites. After being told the bites I have encountered were spider bites, I bought a fogger to bomb my bedroom at home. After bombing for spiders, we found a dead bed bug on our comforter the following morning. We washed, dryed and bagged our clothes for the time being. (With the exception of the clothes we typically wear more) It has been nearly 3 weeks since our first round of bites, and 2 weeks since an exterminator came to our home, inspected (he found nothing) and sprayed (I was still very anxious) around our house. Going into week 2, no sight of any bugs, shells, or any waste or spots, and eggs. Checking the sheets daily, spraying with alcohol, mattress checks, we have found nothing. Our closet is completely empty, dressers, etc. I have a rash on my hand, and a blister on the inside of my finger... this looks and feels completely different than the bites I had gotten 3 weeks ago (they are still healing) and some of the blisters, rashes, and marks are going away within a day, or two. I'm not sure if it is just paranoia, or if I could be missing something. I have googled scabies, and not sure if this is what I might have?? Or is this just dry skin from spraying the alcohol, or stress induced??? My partner has nothing new.  So many questions, and yes I have a doctor apt planned with my normal doctor to follow up.
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I would lean more towards the new spots being something other than bug bites (perhaps even a reaction to all the chemicals going on to kill the bugs)- it wouldn't hurt to head back to your doctor and explain what you are seeing now.  They will be able to give you much more accurate diagnosis.  
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