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What could this sensitive skin on my nose be? It won't heal.

Quick backstory - I'm 17 years old, I've always had sensitive pale skin in general and then I took accutane 2 years ago and my skin has been even more sensitive ever since. By sensitive I mean relatively dry, turns red or pink easily by touch or exfoliation, scars easily, seems like my skin is relatively 'thin', ect. So in October, roughly 4 months ago, I accidentally over exfoliated my nose while cleansing because I rubbed too hard. No big deal, it's happened before and usually went away within a week. But it's been 4 months and it hasn't gone away! It's improved, but hasn't gone away. Finally a month ago I threw in the towel and decided to stop washing my nose completely to just see if the lack of anymore even slight irritation would help but it still won't go away! It's hard to explain what it's like. In the beginning my nose looked like it had a sunburn, just pink/red from the over exfoliation. Now that time has passed where I haven't touched it, my nose still has on small pink area that is very tender to the touch. This small remaining area feels still, 4 months later, like I just over exfoliated. It won't heal no matter what I do or do not do!!! It's not a sore, or rash, or scaly, or a wound or anything like that. It's completely flat and literally just looks like small spot of either a very light sunburn or a light light superficial abrasion up close. Like I said there's no wound or 'thing' to pinpoint, a small point of my nose just looks slighly pink (not even noticeable to others) and is too sore to touch or wash. My worry isn't the appearance because it really is hard to see, however the tender feeling is what I want to go away so I can wash my face normally again. Its been 4 months!! I'm losing my mind. None of this happened before I initially overscrubbed. So frustrating. What could this be? It feels like I'm missing a tiny layer of skin. I've tried aloe, curad silver antimicrobial gel, glycerin, and shea butter oil along with not washing to try and nourish my skin but nothing helps. None of those things made it worse, they just didn't help. How could I get rid of this last part that won't 'heal'? Also, I am making an appointment with a derm but I still thought I'd look for answers here. Thank you so much!
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