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What do for acute dermatitis?

I woke up with very itcy red bloches on my legs. I thought it was eczema because I have that at times. So I put Triamcinolone topical steroid on it and it felt a little less itchy.  But the next day it started to get bigger then at the end of the day my ankles are swelling some. I iced it a couple of times and put more steroids ointment.  I am self isolating due to Corona virus and don't want to go in. I have had a similar delayed hypersensitivity in the past and am allergic to a number of topicals. Any suggestions? I posted several photos of the progression on my home page.
Thank you
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Well I haven't heard from anyone. But after about 5-6 days the "rash" has gone way down. I must have been either allergic to something or got an abrasion from putting my skin on a bench to do a one arm row. Either way, I used topical steroid and Iced it several three times a day. Now I am down to twice a day and it is much better. Hopefully, this helps someone that has this. I have eczema and am allergic to many topicals and a few antibiotics. So I have seen this happen before. I knew it wasn't a infection as I had no pain (it was itch) , no fever,  had no cuts on it and no bite from a spider or insect.
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I'm a male in my late 30's in California. I'm experiencing something very similar. I had the same looking rash on both legs about a month and a half ago for the first time. Thought it was some sort of bites since at around the same time I started a vegetable garden and spent a lot of time in my yard. Itchy red rashes on the bottom of my legs, swelling around the rash and ankles. I used tea tree oil to sooth the itching. About 5-6 days later most of the rash was gone. Yesterday I got the same exact rash again in the same spots. This time it was worse. Swelling on my right leg is much more noticeable than the left. By night time I had dime sized blister filled with water on one leg and a much smaller blister on the other leg. Overnight the swelling subsided, but now I'm starting to notice the swelling is coming back. I have a feeling this is something a bit more serious than a random rash, at least in my case since I've now had it happen twice.
Well, mine hurt and didn't itch. Buy my mosquito bites itch badly and blow up like that too. Sounds more like an allergy. Maybe to a plant in your yard? Since Tea tree oil worked on it it is an anti-fungal. You may be allergic to the fungus. Do you have a fever, or red streaks?  I used steroid ointment not tea tree and that worked. I get these once in while due to allergy to mold, mosquitos etc. Since you haven't been diagnosed like I was in the past, perhaps you should do an online e visit with a dermatologist?
p.s. I wonder if it is a insect or spider bite?
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