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What is causing dry flaky skin on the head of my penis?

I received am adult circumcision 3 months back to rid of a recurrent yeast infection and am clear of all STDs after a full panel test.

My issue now, however, is that the head of my penis seems to always be dry and irritated on a pretty frequent basis (2-3x a week). I wake up with dry flaky penis tip skin that goes away after my morning shower and gentle scrub.

I'm not using soap on the area, just lukewarm warm water and I do not use lotion to masterbate, though I do use a silicon based lubricant. I tend to wear more fitted clothing but nothing skin tight (leave at least an inch of waist room) but I was told originally that my skin may be sensitive for a while to rubbing against my underwear (I wear cotton boxer briefs). It also happens mainly on the top part of the head of my penis  where friction with clothes would occur, not the underside or foreskin area surrounding the bell.

I do have sensitive skin elsewhere (face primarily) and have had eczema, though never anything in my genital region or issues like this until my circumcision.

Lastly, there are no blisters, bleeding, oozing, swelling. Only light pink patches, but I was previously told slight discoloration is normal in that area for most men to have.

Is it common for circumcized men to have dry flaky penis skin? Should I apply a moisturizer after I shower? If so what should I look for? If not, how else can I rid of this/prevent this from reoccurring?

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I'd try to wear loser fitting clothing to start.  Also, have you tried any jock itch cream on it to see if that helps?  I don't think it's common for this to just happen, so I'd look into other possibilities.  Have you mentioned the spots to the doctor that was treating you for the yeast infection and recommended the procedure?    
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