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What is this skin condition that showed up overnight and how can it be treated?

Currently I have these tiny itchy bumps all over my face, front side of neck, chest and ears that look like goosebumps. They showed up overnight on my face and neck and have now spread to my chest and ears. My face has also swelled up (my eyes are puffy and I now have a double chin which I didn't have before). I did some searching on google but all I could really find on what it might be was something called 'Silia' which are tiny goosebump-looking cysts caused by under exfoliating, heavy moisturizers, and/or under cleansing. However, I don't think this is what it is because I am very diligent with exfoliating and cleansing and use a light moisturizer. I also got a chemical peel 2-3 weeks ago so I don't think that whatever caused this was from dead skin cells being trapped under the skin. I just want to figure out what this is so I can treat it right. Thoughts?
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It sounds like it might be an allergic reaction to something- have you tried taking an antihistamine yet?  I would give the doctor a call and make sure it's ok to to try an antihistamine to see if that helps.  
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I took a Reactine and the swelling went down a bit, but the bumps are still there. I put some aloe vera gel on my face to soothe the itching and it has been helping, but yeah I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow about it. You're probably right, it's most likely an allergic reaction to a face cream I've been trying (I got a free bag of samples from Shoppers Drug Mart). I'll update when I hear what the doctor has to say about it.
How did the doc appointment go today?  Hope you got some answers!
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