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What would cause my hair to stick to my scalp so bad i can barely scrape it up?

2 yrs ago i noticed my hair was "parting" -kinda like a cowlick- ALL over my head making it look like i had bald spots. It was hard to comb thru. Suddenly my perfect eyelashes went haywire "parting" and pointing in all directions and growing on the rim and below my 'real' eyelashes. 3 rows! Like sharks teeth?? Lol.  So for 2 yrs ive been painstakingly trying to comb thru my hair for up to 10 hrs/day b4 i break down and cry with frustration. I also seem to have small grooves/ indentations in my skull that the hair REALLY sticks in. I hv to use a metal lice comb to painfully TRY to scrape my hair out of the grooves and off my scalp. The grooves are about 3mm apart, evenly spaced, and run horizontal,vertical, and diagonal. The only thing ive found to combat the 'stickiness' is Epsom salt dissolved in a little water and massaged into scalp but it leaves my hair so dry with residue on it so its even harder to comb thru. When i vigorously comb it, i would get red bumps all over my face, neck, chest, arms and my ears turn bright red and SEVERELY BURN. As i looked closer i noticed TINY white ?crystals? were coming off my scalp during this process and going into hair follicles to create the red bumps and if i covered up or exfoliated right afterward i rarely developed the bumps. My hair is also clumping or tufting making the surrounding areas look sparse. I have mult hairs coming out of one follicle and a clear cylindrical covering (almost like plastic!) covering and binding the tufts closest to scalp. Well thats some of it anyways. My point being i am SICK of spending 5-10 hrs trying to painfully comb my hair everyday. My health insurance sucks and drs never seem to know or care what it is or how to treat it. Any suggestions? And NO, shaving my head does NOT help cuz the " glue" must be part of the scalp specifically. Thx for reading this.
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It sounds like you are seeing extra oily hair that is causing it to clump together, is that right?  What kind of things have you tried washing your hair with (other than Epsom salts)?  Have you been to a dermatologist specifically for this, or just seen your regular doc?  
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I dont have oily hair AT ALL. I could go 2 wks w.o. washing hair and it wouldn't be oily. No dandruff. Just my skull (? changing shape? at 49) with the grooves and hair STUCK to or embedded?? in scalp so a lot of my hairs are trapped underneath and in the wrong section. Its like putting a thin layer of syrup directly on ur scalp and then sleeping for 8 hrs. My HAIR is nice and shiny and u can't see that underneath parts of it r plastered to my scalp- hence the 5-10 hrs/day trying to comb it. It's my scalp that's like that esp in these canal- like grooves or indentations. And there's no substance excreted either. The only thing i ever see is tiny tiny white crystals like salt but smaller when i vigorously hv to scrape. They fall onto my arms and if left they turn into red bumps.I wish i could describe it better. And due to finances and the fact that i sound CRAZY I haven't been to a dr. I think I'll hv to tho cuz i cannot spend the rest of my life  painfully scraping my ******* hair frm my head. Tired....very tired after 2 yrs.. Thx for answering.
It could be related to a hormonal change or something- but it's very hard to say!  I'd agree with you, it's time to go to a doctor and see what they say as they take a look- let us know how you are doing, this has to be miserable for you!
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Curious if you have gotten this resolved or found out what caused this.  I am experiencing this as well. Been to 2 reg Drs and 2 derms and they're clueless. They look at red spots and my "scalp" looks normal to them otherwise. But if they actually felt it, they would be able to tell it wasn't normal.  Or even used some sort of microscope to see close up!  My scalp changes shape with various size bumps. I can tell the outer surface is not my actual scalp.  I think I have either some sort of parasite or fungus or both.
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Rope worm!!
Mimosa piduca seeds
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