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Winter Skin Condition not Healing!

This has been happening for around a week now and this rash ALSO won't go away!. I tried moisturizing, exfoliating, medical ingredients and NOTHING works. It might be eczema but I'm not sure..
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Have you touched any plants, had any hot water go on your hand, had any chemicals, detergents, colorants etc get on or touch your hand?  Have you used rubber gloves?  Just some things to think about.

Think back to when the rash appeared to what you may have done differently or touched something that you had not done before.  Sometimes though you can be OK with things and out of the blue get a skin reaction to it.

All those lotions and potions won't help your skin condition.  If this is an allergic reaction to anything, you will more than likely benefit from an antihistamine.  Your doctor would be able to advise you with regard to the appropriate cream to apply to your hand.

Your chemist may be able to give you some advice, so do ask and show him your hand.  He may be able to recommend a particular cream for you to apply to your skin, and advise on the use of an antihistamine.

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An irritant contact dermatitis.
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How do I get rid of it?
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Gloves,syndet soap, vaseline should do.
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Thanks everyone I ended up waiting another 2 something weeks and it went away completely I'm pretty sure it was a winter irritant I also stopped using a specific soap and started wearing gloves more and exercising to get my blood going.
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Wear cotton gloves and if you do need to use rubber gloves, use the latex free ones.

I am allergic to latex and as you have had an allergic reaction, you may get a reaction to the latex.  You may be fine.

You can also get latex free condoms these days too.
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Wearing gloves is fine on your hands, but it is a bit difficult to put gloves on your whole body :)

Finding out the culprit and avoiding it is the way to get rid of it, which is not as easy to find out what the culprit is.

Another way is to take a course of antihistamines to reduce the histamine that is being produced by your body.
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