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What causes your fingers to wrinkle when they are not in water?
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My fingers are wrinkled to. I haven't been in water to make this happen. First thing I thought of was dehydration. Guess it's possible but after reading others comments I'm not sure. My body is warn down, had what they thought was thrush twice. Both times I became very weak. One dr told me that's impossible unless your really sick from something else. I've known I have very ill to the point of being unable to raise my arm and keep it up. After long discussion with same dr, I had told him I have garstroparisis which that specialist told me no fruits or Vegs.(stick to stomach wall and Rots). He was pissed I was told that and felt I was slowly dying from malnutrition. (I felt I was dying for sure). To blend fresh fruits and Vegs 3x a day. I see him in 2 months hoping I'm bouncing around with engery.  Wasn't thrush after seeing ENT. Was black tongue. (Yuk!!) I'm A very clean person !! I missed one day in a weeks time of unable to blend and boy today I feel like I've gone downhill fast.
Any ideas what to do?
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Dehydration and contact dermatitis may cause such symptoms when the hands are not dipped in water. Take a healthy nutritious diet containing more proteins and also take some multivitamin supplements for some days. Wear cotton-lined gloves when doing housework such as dishes and laundry or when using furniture polish and use a good moisturizing cream to nourish the hands and feet at night.
If the symptoms worsen or persist then please consult a dermatologist.

I hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted in case you have any additional doubts. Kind regards.

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