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contact dermatitis?

2 years ago I went away for 4 days to New Hampshire for vacation. During the trip I developed a rash on the back of both my hands. It had very distinctive boundaries over the backs of my fingers and part of my hands. It was very red, slightly raised, mildly itchy, hot to the touch and blisters developed within several days. It felt almost like a burn and went away in around 10-14 days. I have had poison ivy previously and do not think this is what I had.

Now 2 years later, went away to New Hampshire for 4 days again. Have not had any incident or occurrence since last episode in New Hampshire (first time rash ever presented was in New Hampshire 2 years ago). Same rash develops again on back of hands and in very very similar pattern.

I went to a dermatologist and was told they thought it was an allergic reaction to the sun. I do not think this is the cause. I play basketball and tennis outside several days a week all summer and never had the rash. Any idea what could cause this?
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From the suddenness of appearing and then reappearing, it looks like contact dermatitis or allergic reaction. Wash the areas several times with fresh water and do not use any cosmetic products at the sites. You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin. You can take some OTC oral antihistamine medications like Benadryl or Claritin and see if it helps.

Also use mild steroid cream and good quality moisturizers to prevent moisture loss from the skin.

If still the symptoms do not improve then please get a clinical examination done by a dermatologist.
It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your dermatologist. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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I believe I figured out what the issue is. In New Hampshire my friends and I play a game using wooden poles with platform on top that are set up in 2-3 feet of water. The other side of the pole is buried in 12-18 inches of sand.

This summer and 2 summers ago I was the person who drove the poles into the sand. I twisted and pushed each pole down into the sand which probably took a total of 15-20 minutes.

I believe these poles may have been treated with creosote or some other lumber preservative which I caused some sort of reaction.

Thanks for your advice
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