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cortisone wrinkling

Hi..about a year ago i had intensely itchy skin on my face and being the fool that i am, and unaware of the consequences, slathered cortisone cream (1%) all over my face for probably about 2 weeks? sometimes i would dilute it with moisteriser and wipe it off after a few hours..and i used maybe about 1/4 to a half of a smallish tube. I noticed that my skin appeared thinner and there is some saggage, and fine lines are much more noticeable. I'm only 24, and now look like im in my 30's. obviously this depressed me a lot, and after a year it is only slightly better. My question is, will this repair itself or have i done permanent wrinkle damage? ive stopped going out because of this and got so depressed (not jsut about the skin but in conjunction with other life events) that i had to go on anti-depressants. will my skin repair itself? please help. thanks.
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hey, thanks for your response. Unfortunately, it has been over a year with little improvement. How come I should avoid cosmetics?

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I am glad that you have asked this question here.

Steroid induced skin thinning is a known problem and is seen more commonly with high potency steroid applications such as Cortisone.

The treatment for this condition primarily involves allowing the skin to repair itself. Avoid using any cosmetic and use only those cosmetics which have been recommended by your doctor. Use mile cleanser for your face and wash it with cool water several times a day. Use a sun screen when going out into the sun.

The damage is not permanent completely and there is no reason why this should not improve now that you have recognised the problem. However, if there is little improvement in the next 4-6 weeks, it would be best that you consult your dermatologist.

Best regards
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