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head of penis is hyper-sensitive / penis head friction

Ok Ill start off by saying i read through dozens of post and many people have my problem and not sure if there problem was ever resolved..

About 5 months ago i recieved oral sex and than tried putting on a condom which was a little tight.. did not end up having sex due to the condom being tight.

Ever since this day, my penis head has been extremely sensitive, it looks normal, no redness or lumps - been tested for STD's UTI, MRi's Etc. It mainly occurs with rubbing of the penis with boxers, briefs, towels anything really. the pain goes away when i have an errection.

Ive tried hydrecoritzones and a bunch of pain meds, nothing works.  Neurologist, dermotoligist, urologist.. Ive seen everyone and most people told me just wait it out. I cant wait anymore, 5 months later and i am extremely depressed.

anyone have similar issues with their problem resolved?????

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Just wanted to chime in, I have the same symptoms for more than 2 years now. No sex since then, no STI's, doctor said "it looks fine" and prescribed OTC hydro-cortisone. This has done me virtually no good. Waiting it out doesn't seem to be an option, 2 years is way too long to be uncomfortable every time your clothing rubs against you. Tried everything OTC, all the antifungals and every cream out there. If anyone has a solution, please!
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How are you doing now? This just started happening to me. Was going to get tested but assuming it was just irritation
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