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i need help with my lips

So ever since the summer of 2020 my lips have been flaring up about once a month. at first i would wake up with yellow crust all around my lips and on my lips and they would weep, then the skin around my lips got very itchy and red and would again sometimes be yellow and crusty and puss. i will also get these red dots on my actual lips and my lips will feel hot and tender. now when the flare ups start there will be a warm, tender part of my lip that feels tender when i touch my lips together. then the red dots come on my lips and around them. then sometimes pus comes around the lips through little dots. they always feel warm and irritated and tender at this time and usually by day two are itchy.
usually my lips will flare up at night and i will wake up with them being worse than before. i avoid licking my lips and i avoid spicy foods and touching my lips in general.
i have contacted my family doctor, a dermatologist, a walk in and am awaiting an appointment at another dermatologist. at these appointments they would say it is a rash on contact dermatitis or peri oral dermatitis and give me creams to use on and around my lips. i used two creams for over 4 weeks and they still flare up and are very bothersome. at this point i am desperate and hoping someone can help me here.
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I had the same issue and dermatologist diagnosed  it dermatitis. Its not dermatitis . Its either bacterial infection (impetigo) you need antibiotics.  Or it can be fungus infection , you can use over the counter Canesten  2% ( i used the vaginal canesten and the oozing yellow went away and my lips are back to normal) use it for 1 week and stop
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