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insane itch all over (with pictures)

Hey guys, new here. I came here trying to figure out this rash I have. I can say that I was diagnosed,  twice (same doctor) that it is scabies. The problem I have is there is to much funny business and I guess I need to know for sure that I have an infestation of little guys literally crawling under my skin. The things I question are, the rash isn't in the "normal" places. None on my face, hands( between the fingers),wrist, or genitals but literally everywhere else. I took the ivermectin packet and I'm guessing recontaminated myself because if the medicine killed the bug it shouldn't be spreading and getting worse. I haven't been outside the country,  I haven't slept with anyone, and I'm not allergic to most medicines. I can't remember any place that these would come from. Also, none of my roommates or friends  are infected,  at all. The rash isn't covering my body but every square inch, minus what I've mentioned, itches like the dickens. I believe it started on my buttocks. I remember waking up and itching the crap out of it. The previous night I had sat in a very dirty chair for about an hour, but me never having scabies before, wouldn't make sense to show symptoms hours after contact. And the person at that house doesn't claim to itch. So....I guess I'll just post a few pictures and answer any questions I can.
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I'm really sorry if this doesn't work
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i can see the image: http://i61.tinypic.com/v4bcy8.png you put words in front and the end of url, google cannot recognize it. it seems to be an allergic reaction to something.
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I obviously don't know how to put pictures up. I'm using an image hosting site and that is what it is telling me to put for forums or message boards. I wouldn't know how to modify it so it shows up.
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