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I get a lot of itching after swimming and after a brisk walk or running. no one seems to have any answers

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Do you itch after any water contact? Like sweating, showering, etc.?
There are a bunch of us with the condition called Aquagenic Pruritus (Water Itch). Look for this topic over at Yahoo Groups. There are several hundred of us with various solutions. No cure, but many ideas on how to fight the itch. Changing soaps, detergents, using anithistamines DO NOT HELP. Showering with cold water makes it worse - you need to finish the shower with VERY HOT WATER. Most creams make the itching worse - avoid creams with the first ingredient of water...purified water or heavy water is better if you can find one. Less stress, sun tans, etc. DO HELP.  Get plenty of Vitamin D (3000 to 4000 IU/day) or get more sun.
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Aside from aquagenic pruritus, other differentials could be miliaria or sweat rash,  irritation from the chlorine in the water  or from the water itself, if it is a kind of hard water. Miliaria arises from obstruction of the sweat ducts. It is commonest in hot, humid conditions and affects up to 30% of people exposed to these climatic conditions. Miliaria rubra or prickly heat occurs deeper in the epidermis and results in very itchy red papules.

Are there other signs or symptoms present? How long have you been experiencing this? If it persists, it would be good to see your dermatologist for further evaluation and management.Take care and keep us posted.

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