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itchy,flaky and dry face

I have been having problems with my face that started almost 2yrs ago. It started with my itchy eyes that had turned very red around the eye and flaky then i went to my family doctor and gave me hydrocortisone but then the itchiness and dryness spread some parts of my face by the temple, cheeks above my chin and nose.  I went to a skin specialist and told me that i'm allergic to fragrance and suggest to put moisturizer but seems it didnt work. There's no day of the week that i will not flaky or red face like patches of my face and irritates me as i'm trying not to scratch it but as it is so itchy i cant help but scratch my face which i know is a no no.  i've been using spectro derm to wash my facce and still using 1 % hydrocortisone. what is the best way to get rid it for good. one thing though is i'm so stress i get this red flaky itchy face but even if im not stress i get this as well i've been watching what i eat too. im also trying to drink lots of water that might have help my problem. please please help me.

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A little about me:
-My reason for buying the made from earth Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer: to use as a moisturizer for my face and treat ends of my hair
-My skin type: Combination (Oily t-zone (acne prone) and normal cheeks and chin)
-No skin conditions and No allergies

First two days were fine. Made my skin smooth and hydrated. On the third day, I had spots on both cheeks and chin (itchy red pimples and dry flakey cheeks mainly around those itchy pimples). I thought it was odd, so, I tried using a clay mask to get rid of the spots, and I noticed that no oil of any kind came from around the breakout area. So, I stopped using the Made from Earth moisturizer since it was the newest facial product that I tried. Then, I tried my old facial cleanser (Note: Cleanser that I used while using Made from Earth was Botanics deep skin brightening cleanser. The one I switched to was Clean and Clear Deep cream cleanser) and it cleared up the dry spots and blemishes overnight by about 40%. So, I tried Made from Earth again, and my face didn't break out. It kept it very hydrated and works great!

What I use it for now:

- Nighty moisturizer for face
- Lip balm
- Cuticles
- Hand Moisturizer
- Heal scars (works best on recent scars from what I've seen)
- Eye cream
- Treatment for ends of hair

My verdict: LOVE IT! I'm probably going to use this for the rest of my life so long as they make it as is or better. So, I definitely recommend Made from Earth Vitamin Moisturizer, but only if you have a good enough cleanser!
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A quick fix I use is clear iodine.  It stops the itch and gets rid of the red patches fairly quick.  While not red, I still have a little flaking between the eyes, which I put cream on.  The rashes still come back,  but I get temporary relief before I go out anywhere.
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