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preauricular skin tags and skin pits

My son is now 10 months old and he was born with 2 skin tags and a skin pit in front of his right ear, ive looked on lots of sites but they were not helpful i have been told that they are very normal and common but i have 3 children and i have never seen them before.  I just wondered if there was anyone who new more about them or if they know of any babies with them.
He will be having them removed in about 8 weeks, but ive always worried that there is an underlying problem as many sites say they can lead to other things, when he was 4 weeks old he was given an ultra sound scan to eliminate problems with his kidney and that came back clear but i still worry please help?
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Hi kelly1203,

Hi!  How’s your son?  A preauricular tag is a small skin tag or pit in front of the outside part of the ear and yes, they are commonly seen in newborn infants. In most cases, these are normal. However, both preauricular tags and pits can be associated with other problems. That is why your doctor will remove them because these could be a source of infection. Don’t worry this is not connected to your baby’s kidney or anything. And the skin tag will be removed soon.

I hope this helps. Take care and kisses to your son.
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Thank you for your comment that does help a great deal i didn't realise they could cause infection, my son is good in every way and they bother me alot more than they bother him thanks again
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I wonder how the recovery after the removal of the ear tags. My son is about 16 months, and he's scheduled for removal by the end of the month. Any advice?! Thanks a lot.

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was wondering how your son did in the removal of the ear tags.  I have a grandson 2 years and he was born with one on each ear.  the doctor told them to wait when he was little to remove them as they caused no danger,
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