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severe psoriasis /pain

Hello, I have severe psoriasis 98% of body its not fun,my dermatologist said he has done everything he could to try to control it but failed.dovonex,enbrel,humira,etc. i have endstage liver cirriosis, he says thats why he can't control it. that i have toxins, my autoimmune system is shut down,i take immune supplements,i detox my body too. use salts(dead sea), sugar ,honey based bodywashes,lotions nothing works.anybody have any ideas? something new?i use triaminiscolone cream to help calm the itch it works but only a couple of hours, tried clobestol,temovate, please reply thanks and godbless ! jr1963
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I had tried enbrel shots, light box, coal tar, i had it as bad as you do, all over my body ive been hopsitalized, been to the mayo clinic, i cant think of the name of the other meds...every steroid known to man, oh and cyclosporine & PUVA . you get the point. anyway you wont believe what finaly cured me. and let me tell you i am 100% cleared. I am 29 yrs old & cleared up 3 yrs ago with NO outbreaks since. before my outbreaks were brought on by strep virus, thats what i think at least. it was a huge vicious cycle, strep, antibiotics then my entire body covered. Ok so what cured it has been fasting. im no dr so i dont want to tell you how to do a fast cuz they can be dangerous but im just telling you that fasting CURED me. i got a book called The Miracle of Fasting, or how fasting can save your life or something like that. & i did the fast. Please try fasting it may really help you. im a busy mom of 2 toddlers so have to run but i hope this helped, i wish you luck. oh ps i also tried the dead sea salts prett pricey but they did help a bit. also this sounds crazy but google Bleach bath. i havent tried it but my friend recently told me a diluted bleach bath i know it sounds crazy can help most all skin problem.s google it.
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to add that i continue to eat way less than i did before. when a few patches come on my elbows i eliminate all my trigger foods ( pretty much everything cept fruits & veg) so i do eat what i want now but when i notice it coming back i go back on the fast. good luck!:)
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