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very small white patch of skin on bottom lip

I have had a very small white patch of skin on my bottom lip where my lip connects to my regular skin. it's completely flat with no pain or itchiness. My dermatologist didn't even notice it til I pointed it out today and he suggested "freezing it" like a wart and said it's possible it is pre-cancerous. He wasn't too worried about it though. Wanted to get a second opinion first. Is it possible it goes away on its own? It's been there for a few months now.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. We're sorry you are having this concern but are very glad you've worked with a dermatologist. That's really the best type of doctor to see.  There is a precancerous lesion that can form on the lip called Actinic cheilitis.  Here is an article to copy and paste to read about it. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/319133  It's often sun related and age related. It's considered to be harmless on it's own. Freezing is one of the known ways to eliminate it entirely.  It likely won't go away on it's own if this is what it is.  But watching it is another course of action some take to see if it changes or worsens.  A second opinion doesn't hurt but hopefully this reassures you that this is not serious but something to take care of.  
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