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weird scar mark and rash on genitals

About a month ago a scar like line appeared on the underside of glans above the frenelum stretching towards my urethra. Its kind of like extra skin and has become purple. My urethra opening looks like its becoming wider and is opening more towards the scar like mark. I have gained a small rash under the glans next to the frenelum. My urethra opening was swollen for a few weeks but that has stoped now. While it was swollen it hurt to pee and ejaculate but now that has stopped. I have had extensive STD tests and all came up negative. I have had a urine analysis for bacteria and nothing showed up. I was on deoxcycilin for 8 days up until today but the mark has not changed. I have also been using an anti-fungal cream with little effect. My GP doesn't seem to know whats going on. I am not sure what is happening and could really use some help. the rash hurts and itches occasionally. The scar mark is sensitive and hurts to touch. I don't want my urethra to open up even more down the side. I have no idea where this has come from, i havn't had any sexual encounters in over 2 months and this started about a month ago. I have no idea what to do, please if someone could help ?

I posted an image earlier but it was taken down.
This is a link to the image :  rherault.com/kdalli/Photo/private_photo/image/_DSC6560.jpg

please help.
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There is also tender areas on different parts of my glans. they come and go.
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please, if anyone has any ideas at all ? or suggestions on what i should do ?
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No one has answers, not here, not in the doctors office.
Should i just give up and accept my penis will never be functioning again. It's been like this for over a month.
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