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weird sudden dark red / port stains in a pattern-like fashion on my chin


Tonight as I was removing my makeup I noticed a pattern of dark red spot pattern under my chin.  The skin is smooth, there are no bumps, there is no pain.  However, they are very visible. I put some Avene for sensitive skin and lemon juice for vitamin C. What could they be??

About a month to 3 weeks ago I had ran out of the Avene for sensitive skin and I experimented with some regular OTC creams.. for a while under my skin was very itchy and so were parts of my face.  However, about 3 weeks ago I returned to my Avene for sensitive skin and since then there have been no more problems.  Until tonight!

Other than that there have been no recent changes in my health or diet.  I do have a cat. That's it.  Please help... is this permanent???
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Very interesting. Possibly a 'contact purpura' to lime. Did you use a loofah for cleansing?
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Update, it's morning, and the spots are still there.

Last night I used the lime juice after the spots appeared, not before.. I thought the vit C inside might help if it's an allergy.  I didn't loose a loofah but cotton ovals and Clinique clarifying lotion.  I guess I might as well scrub with the St Ives' Apricot scrub that I have?

I feel like in a sci-fi scenario, seriously.
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Contact purpura(localized) are very rare though not serious by nature. Try thinking back of any contact to the chin of rubber or plastics.
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hmm, I had a coat with a high neck while going home, though the coat didn't really rub the chin that much,and it's also an old coat... I hadn't worn it yet this season but it's still old..

Today the spots are still there, albeit maybe slightly less dark.  

How long does contact purpura last?
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Well, it should disappear with out sequelae. Think of plastic,rubber balls contact- to play a child with? A perfume on the skin?
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Sorry, nothing of the sort..  I did cuddle with my cat though, and when I take her in my arms I rest my chin on her head sometimes.  But I've had her for more than 3 years.

I'm glad to find out though that it must be just an allergic reaction, though I wish I knew to what. If it helps, back a month ago when I had ran out of my Avene for insensitive skin cream, and back when my chin and face were suffering, my chin was so itchy that the skin had hardened.  I guess I've become hypersensitive to .. everything?

Question: should I put anything on my chin now? It doesn't hurt or anything.  And should I skip the visit to the ER which I had intended? (it's free, so I was considering it).
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No harm visiting ER especially when it is complimentary! Cat is innocent here. Guess it is best to apply nothing till the process settles.
Best wishes.
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Ok, thank you for your responses!

I will wait until tomorrow, when it's my day off, and if it still looks like it does today, I will pay a visit to the ER.

Thanks again.
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Update: I didn't go to the ER, but I did buy a 1% hydrocortisone topical cream that I put on last night, and this morning the spots are almost gone.  Must have been an acute allergy to something...
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All's well that ends well .
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