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Gestational Diabetes

Is the sugar glucose test that's you take between 26-28 weeks valid if you eat before hand. I ate a total of 44g of sugar On my way to take the test then a hour my blood was drawn. My blood pressure was 223 but I don't know if what I ate on the way there affected it or not ? Should I retake it ? The doctor said even if I did eat before it still shouldn't be that high
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Yea you shouldn't have eaten :) but it shouldn't effect your blood pressure I wouldn't have thought. It would only effect the way your body processed the sugar x
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The first test is not a fasting test. You can eat/ drink what you want.

Its if you fail the first test, then you'll have to fast for the three hour test.
Hope this helps!!
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Ohh && I must add it had nothing to do with blood pressure,  that would be a different health issue all together  .  When they do the sugar test, they test the blood to see how high or low your sugar levels are. And how your body handles sugar .  Regardless,  pregnant or not 44 grams of sugar is pretty high for one meal setting.  

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Still valid. I ate candy and drank a caramel frappe not even half an hour before mine. Still passed.
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I meant blood sugar
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Hi, 223 is too high (is that blood  sugar or blood pressure)?  In either case it's too high.

Most likley you have gestational diabetes with these numbers.  Low carb eating and careful portion control will help with your blood sugar management.  

Worst case you will need to take medications / insulin.

Please don't eat sugars now.  Work with your doctor.  Good blood sugar control is important for healthy pregnancy.

Best wishes
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