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Gestational diabetes

Has anyone had gestational diabetes? I was diagnosed with it and everyone says I'm gonna have a big baby. Is this always true? I've only gained in my belly. I'm all belly pretty much. I think my size is normal for 35 weeks. I'm close to what I was with my first and I was all belly with him. Thanks in advance.
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Big babies are common with it. I have had it as well so far my baby is measuring normal. Just watch what you eat and drink.
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It all depends on your blood sugar. If you have good control over your blood sugar then your baby should not be impacted. Are you testing your blood sugar regularly? If you're under 90 when you wake up and under 140 an hour after meals, you are pretty much good.
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Thank you! Yes I'm checking my sugar. They said he was measuring right on track. My numbers are staying normal and I'm watching my diet.
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I am 29 weeks 3 days with my third baby.  I had gestational diabetes with my second.   When she was born she weighed 7lbs 9oz. I was told if you maintain healthy numbers your baby won't be big
Thank you! So far I'm doing good with my numbers and I had not gained any when I went to the dr.
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I had it, whilst also carrying twins. My babies came out at 6lb 3oz EACH! the equivalent of an average sized baby, my other children were 7lb 3, and 7lb 11. So for twins who were 6 weeks early, and usually smaller than a singleton, YES, gestational diabetes contributed to mine being larger.
Wow, good to know!  Thanks for sharing that.  How are they now?  What is their weight doing now after birth (not sure how old they are).  
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