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Could my 3 year old be or becoming a diabetic?

My 3 yr old is drinking lots of water I had several people tell me wow she drinks a lot of water, she also eats a lot not big portions, normal portions but then half hour to an hour ask for more food or snack, she is not over weight.just the other day her daycare told me have her get checked she is drinking to much water and goes to the potty alot. I talked to the doctor and had her urine checked but no sugar in her urine, but i check her sugar two hour after eating dinner and it was 373 an hour after that  total of 3 hrs her sugar went down to 80. what does this mean. also the other night she pee the bed  3 times in 1 hour
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Your daughter absolutely could be diabetic.  The after eating number is highly abnormal (it should be 140 or less, ideally less than 100).  This is a very big concern even though her number later came down to 80.

Please take your daughter to her pediatrician or the ER today.  She could very rapidly go into DKA, which can be fatal.   Please come back and let us know that you have taken her to the doctor and proper care is being taken.
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We'd like to also urge you to take your daughter in for emergency medical care, if you haven't already. Blood sugar that high is dangerous.

Your daughter is displaying several symptoms of diabetes, and needs prompt medical attention.

Here are some things that may help you understand type 1 diabetes:

https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/hyperglycemia.html - read this first


We wish you the best, and let us know how she's doing.

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