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Diabetes & Weight loss surgeries

I was wondering if it would be a good idea to get the gastric bypass. You see Ive been looking into it I have been a diabetic since I was ten years old. I am 23 now, and Im overweight I have thyroid and high cholesterol and now I have high blood pressure. So I talked to my doctor and asked her about it and she said that she would refer me to a specialist. So I was wondering if there would be a risk or alot of risks for me with everything that I have. I have been looking into to it and I know that there are some risks. But I need a doctors opinion, so please give me some good advice.
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Hi,  I have had this done. I was able to get off of insulin and then had tried oral meds. But I am currently on a insulin pump. Now with this surgery you have to understand you can't keep up your current way of eating. With this surgery you will lose weight but it is a BIG lifestyle change. If you over eat you will be in the bathroom upchucking. Think very serious about having this done. I would do this surgery again. I was very overweight but make sure you are SURE  you want to big this big change in your life.  If you have and more questions just contact me and I will reply back to you. Judy
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It's my understanding that it only reverses type 2 diabetes.  So it would help you with the weight loss and any insulin resistance you probably have from that.  But as for being a type 1 diabetic (unless you were a type 2 diagnosed at an early age) that is an autoimmune disease and you will still have to take insulin, though probably not as much.  I had one friend who had this done and she almost died, but luckily recovered and is doing well now.  Still she is still overweight a year later so it does take some time.  I guess it depends on how well your diabetes is controlled now as to whether or not you could handle any kind of surgery with out risk of healing complications.  I'm sure the specialist will give you all the information you need to know.
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